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Our Services
LED Lighting
We can assist in replacing your old unefficient lighting to new LED energy efficient lights.
Boiler Servicing and Repairs
We can carry out Gas boiler services and repairs with parts normally available next day to not leave you without heating or hot water.
Gas Safety Checks
Gas safety checks are needed by all landlords renting property's, but it is also good to have your own appliances checked once a year to make sure they are working as they should be. We can check gas boilers, fires and cookers.
Electrical Safety Checks
We can carry out Electrical Inspection Condition Reports before you move home, or in your rented property. We will also always carry out an inspection before we change your consumer unit.
Consumer Unit Changes
Being up to date 18th Edition wiring regulation electricians we are able to talk you through replacing your consumer unit to new units incorporating surge and arc fault protection.
Boiler Replacements
If your boiler isn't heating your water like it used to do, or your house is always cold when the heating is on, then we can plan and install a new boiler incorporating a power flush and installation of thermostatic radiator valves to give you full control of your heating. 
Have your radiators got cold spots in the middle? Are your radiators taking a long time to heat up? Then a powerflush might be for you. We will always carry out a powerflush of the heating system before connecting any new boiler as per manufacturers instructions but this can be a good idea if your old system just isn't performing how it used to!
Rewires can be necessary if you still have rubber cables installed or no earth connection in your lighting circuits. We can plan and conduct full rewires to all manner of property's 
Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
Unvented hot water cylinders are becoming more popular with people wanting a more powerful shower without installing a shower pump. This replaces your existing hot water cylinder but provides you mains pressure hot water to all outlets. We are qualified in installing and servicing all unvented cylinders.
New circuits
If you fancy a new induction hob or some new sockets outside, we are more than happy to deisgn and install and new circuit to your requirements.
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