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TLC4YOU - background and capabilities

TLC4You was founded in 2003 when Principal Tony Child decided to form his own electrical business after the closure of his former employer, Harrisons and Sons, specialist printers in High Wycombe. Tony had worked there for many years as a highly skilled commercial electrician, and decided to qualify through the NICEIC to take on Domestic electrical work.

Based on his family's strong commitment to Christianity and its values, Tony established his business with a strong ethical drive to deliver quality service at a competitive price.


Taking pride in the firm's work is a major motivation for the team, now four strong after Tony brought in one of his sons, Luke, his wife Louise, and Sam Simpson to complete the team.  The fish symbol used as part of the company logo is a constant reaffirmation of that ethical basis and is promoted with pride.


As TLC4You's positive reputation has spread, the client base has swelled to include several commercial and public sector clients as well as landlords keen to ensure their rental properties stay compliant with ever more demanding electrical safety regulations.


For the householder needing to add a new socket or two, or perhaps wanting to renovate a bathroom or kitchen, TLC4You can provide cost-effective, well managed expertise at an affordable rate. For small businesses, TLC4You is happy to enter into maintenance contracts assuring clients of a rapid response in emergencies, and capable preventative maintenance on a scheduled basis.


For those venturing into the energy-saving opportunities afforded by modern lighting or power-saving devices, TLC4You offers up-to-date trained technicians able to apply the benefits of the latest technologies in a cost-effective manner. No hard sell, just good, sound advice and competent implementation.


Above all, as a small expert team TLC4You offers flexibility, capability and a service that can be trusted to deliver exactly what's needed cost-effectively.

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